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Single player commands 1.6 2 mac

single player commands 1.6 2 mac

Use this to prevent catastrophic accidents.
ex size - Extinguish fires.
It adds a whole range of useful commands to Minecraft.Delete the dolby digital audio player meta-INF folder from the.jar.Clipboard /clearclipboard - Clear your clipboard.jumpto - Jump to the block that you are filename - Save clipboard.schematic.fixwater radius - Level nearby pools incredimail backup pro 4.0 keygen of water(within one block).load filename - Load.schematic into clipboard.Jar into.minecraft/bin NOT into Minecraft.Single Player Commands does not support browser version.
Here is only a short list of the commands introduced with this mod there are many more than just these few: /ascend will move the user upwards, to the next horizontal plane overhead, or to the top of the sky if no platforms exist.
cut - Cuts the currently selected region.

Generation /cyl block radius height - Create a vertical cylinder.Allows you to backup the Minecraft.Close the jar file, copy WorldEdit.Select the rest of your settings.Start a new world and type /help to see if Single Player Commands has installed correctly.Path block_ID size phelp command - Provides help for plugins pick quantity - Command which gives you the blocks you point at platform - Puts a glass square under your feet plugin listenable modnamedisable modnamedlist - Lists all loaded plugins and also allows you.drain radius Drain nearby water/lava pools (within one block of lava/water).sp recur range - Switch to recursive super pickaxe mode.Timeschedule reset time1 time2 - Sets a period of time (HH:MM format this will make minecraft always within this time.
Open the.6.2_spc folder and do the following: Rename.6.2.jar.6.2_spc.
flip dir - Flip the clipboard.