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Inazuma eleven strikers games

inazuma eleven strikers games

Big Bad : Garshield Bayhan Ishido Shuuji/Gouenji Shuuya in GO though he is actually The Dragon to the Man Behind the Man Senguuji Daigo.
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Com gráficos 3D e deslumbrantes animações, Inazuma Eleven Strikers coloca-te mesmo no meio da ação, como se estivesses na série de televisão!
He does help Raimon out in a couple of episodes, but is generally portrayed as something of a Friendly Enemy.Please update as appropriate.Tenma gets an evolved Avatar, and he, Shindou and Tsurugi fuse their Avatars together into one super-Avatar, and Shindou gets heavily injured to the point that Tenma has to replace him as captain.Anime of the Game Arc Villain : Inazuma Eleven / Football Frontier arc, Teikoku Academy and by extension Kageyama Reiji.Then Alpha shows himself to Tenma and reveals that he has travelled through time and erased soccer, he later deflected the soccer ball that Gouenji used to save Tenma; which injured him and removed his passion for soccer.Enemy Mine : In Chrono Stone, El Dorado's representative teams in the Ragnarok Tournament are a mix of Raimon and Protocol Omega members.Dummied Out : The EU version of the first game has been upgraded with the 3D models and other enhancements of the second Japanese game, including techniques obtainable only via Action Replay (the x99 All items code normally from the second game.Just about everybody in Raimon.Com apenas um Comando Wii podes resolver rivalidades de há muito (ou, quiçá, iniciar rivalidades novas!) em torneios ou em partidas amigáveis.When it does finally happen, it's quite a notable moment for the show.Scarf of Asskicking : Fubuki has one.Light Is Not Good : Aphrodi.

Voetbal is terug op een wereldwijde schaal in Inazuma Eleven 3!Put on a Bus : Quite a few characters get injured and replaced, only to come back later (for a while).Battle in the Rain : The final match of the first GO game.Goenji (fire) and Shiro Fubuki (ice.) Shiro and his brother are also this.However, there are exceptions.She's a Man in Japan : The dub of the anime (but not the games) turns Miyasaka and Gazelle into girls.FaceHeel Turn : Kazemaru, Someoka and multiple other Raimon Eleven players.Official Couple : Inazuma Eleven GO (Shine anime, manga and supplementary material have Endou and Natsumi married.Conspicuous CG : On later episodes, they animate the team's van through 3D models.Power Copying : The function of the Mixi Max gun in Chrono Stone.Needless to say, this can unintentionally be very creepy at times.
Bag of Spilling : Stuff that carries over each game seems to be some of the characters' specials, nothing else.