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Editors keys portable vocal booth pro 2

editors keys portable vocal booth pro 2

The booth creates an acoustic shield around the vocalists microphone, preventing both external sound sources (such as air conditioning, traffic or computer noise) entering the microphone, as well as preventing the performed vocals bouncing off the walls, back into the microphone.
Getting good quality vocals was the biggest problem, and was one of the main reasons otherwise great tracks, only sounded good at best.".
I thought that, "No way is this going to come out clean and how wrong I was.M copyright Steve Douglas 2012, this article first appeared on t and is reprinted here with permission.Building a permanent vocal booth can be a little expensive for many home recording setups, so if your acoustics aren't the best for recording vocals then perhaps you should consider getting a portable vocal booth like this one.The one thing that hasnt changed is that most home recording artists and small production companies suffer with the problem of very poor room acoustics.Steve Douglas is a certified Apple Pro for Final Cut Pro 7 and underwater videographer.Mark Brown, company director of Editors m, said "We talked to over 3000 recording artists and asked them what common problems they faced.They have made some significant changes to the original Vocal Booth, which is still available for purchase, and was a pleasure to use and a mandatory part of my post production workflow.The improved foam of the Vocal Booth Pro 2 diffuses the acoustic waves surrounding the microphone preventing sound from call of duty 4 private server patch bouncing back toward the mic, thus positively affecting the quality of the audio recording.The New portable Vocal Booth Home is 51 smaller when folded up compared to the previous edition, and has a 38 wider booth span when fully open.I can't express strongly enough how well the Vocal Booth Pro 2 did the job.
It is not my recommendation to record despite blaring horns, lawnmowers, or civil defense alarms going off, but it is nice to know that the Vocal Booth Pro 2 does such an excellent job of keeping your voice in and the sound of barking dogs.
It is my opinion that I would probably only use the high cut filter if I were recording in the field using my laptop or H4n audio recorder.

As in the past, a glowing soft blue light comes on letting you know that you are ready to record.This being a USB mic, its value and quality is not to be doubted.The new portable vocal booth has a list price of 124.99 including tax.All screen captures and textual references are the property and trademark of their creators/owners/publishers.That really is the most important criteria for any microphone no matter what the cost.The recording was impeccable.Once done and back to Quicktime 7, the recording came out as expected as 48k.He is available for both private and group seminars for Final Cut Pro and leads underwater filming expeditions and African safaris with upcoming excursions to Bali, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and the Maldives Islands.Used by artists and theaters worldwide.
While the SL300 can be purchased separately for 161.47, if you do not already own one, I urge you to consider their latest version of the Editors Keys Vocal Booth Pro 2 as part of the whole package.
There is no on and off switch; once connected to the computer you are almost ready to rock.