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Chamber of secrets game

chamber of secrets game

Ron doesn't go into the Forbidden Forest with Harry in virtual dj keygen 7.0.5 any of the games except the GBC and PS1 version.
This is also the first and only game in which he is shown to have a "napping place" and the ability to shrink.
Whereas in the GBC version, Harry swings the sword normally at the Basilisk.He is also in the clip where Harry (in the figure of Goyle) is in the Slytherin Dungeon to talk with Draco.Contents show, versions, five different versions of this game were released for different gaming platforms: Playable characters, harry Potter (voiced by, tom Attenborough ) is the main character and the only playable one in most versions, though in the GBC, the following are also playable.It locks his legs and holds him in place until they catch up and discipline him.Cho Chang (mentioned only) Cedric Diggory (mentioned only) Millicent Bulstrode (mentioned only) Spells Note: Not all spells are available in all versions of the game.Dada Action 1:10.Ginny Weasley : (Voice: Victoria Robinson ) Ron's little sister, who Harry has to rescue at the end of the game.She teaches a flying lesson in an outside lawn area, and thereafter is always found there during the day if Harry wants to try to improve his score on the flight training course.They play as Beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.Spell Atmos 2:14.However, this is only possible in the PS2 version, as the Xbox and GameCube versions lack the deducting of points from Slytherin house despite the dialogue for it being kept.Library Tower 1:11.If Harry enters the classroom, she will give him a warning and send him out.Professor Flitwick : (Voice: Allan Corduner ) the Charms teacher.
In all the games except the GBC version, Harry has to use Gryffindor's sword to fire lightning or magical energy at the Basilisk, while in the book and movie, he simply kills it by stabbing the sword into the Basilisk's mouth.
In the home console games, he can be found in the Leaky Cauldron.

In the computer game, she also leads Harry to classes.Debugging Debug mode can be accessed in the computer version of the game.Wood leads Harry to the Quidditch pitch, and re-teaches Harry how to play Quidditch.Harry learned this spell in Philosopher's Stone.Hermione gets petrified after the Forbidden Forest scene in the games, rather than beforehand, as in the film and book.In the computer game, Ron usually leads Harry to challenges instead of classes.Slug Chase/Broom Lesson 1:09.In GBC it is only seen in a minigame.Mrs Norris : Argus Filch's cat and acts as the caretaker's assistant.Skurge (all versions except PS1 clears Ectoplasm (an "unpleasant greenish substance left behind by certain ghostly beings in the words of Professor Flitwick) pharma guide 2009 of pakistan out filemaker pro 10 trial mac of doorways and off floors.